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Welcome to Sendai, Miyagi Japan.
We are here to help you find the perfect apartment, house or office for rent or to buy in Sendai, MIyagi, Japan.
Our experienced real estate agent will find you the apartment,house or office that suites all of your needs. We will help you find an apartment, house or office that will fit all of your needs such as price range, number of rooms and even location. We can get you a nice sky rise apartment in the middle of downtown Sendai, or we can find you a nice apartment in quite and peaceful area.
Give us a call today or fill out our contact form so we can help you out.
 Buying a House in Sendai?
You have access to most available properties in Sendai through us.

■ Looking for an Apartment in Sendai?
Apartment Rentals are available through us.
Let us know the area, size, budget, etc.

JR 1hour and 40 minutes from TOKYO
Sendai Airport

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